Reduce Flash-points at Work

Stress, poor communication, interpersonal misunderstandings and frustration all arise from real world triggers. These triggers can be reduced.

Avoid feelings of bulling – consistent miscommunication can have people feeling picked on. Then conflict can grow swiftly and eat time and energy from all involved.

Seeing the powerful psychological factors at work lets us reduce them with simple, effective tools targeting the real cause not just the symptoms.

Directly cut stress and keep it low

When things don’t work smoothly it generates conflict, resulting in people trying less and working at a lower ‘less-hassle’ level & making more mistakes.

As we approach deadlines there is more stress, when that stress is not managed we are not performing at our best when it’s most important.

Using evidence supported techniques we can directly and immediately reduce stress, teach staff to minimize stress building triggers, and keep stress low.

Happiness and Retention

The true cost of stress can be easy to calculate. Loss of earnings, missed deadlines, and poor retention of key staff are easy to see. The health impact can be severe but overlooked.

Over pressured minds look for what’s wrong, easily leading to a ‘blame culture’ where people look to avoid criticism rather than solving the problem. An unhappy workplace performs poorly where distraction, conflict, and absenteeism all increase.

The mind and body systems that create these feelings and problems are well understood and there is a lot we can do very quickly to put you in control of them again.