Frustration, stress, misunderstandings, and office disputes all drag down productivity, reduce creativity, and see key staff leaving too frequently. An unhappy workplace rarely performs well.

While these may be common issues in many workplaces, they are avoidable and controllable. We provide expert, evidence based practical training that can be immediately implemented. 

The training can be successfully delivered in person or remotely for a distributed workforce.

The unpleasant feeling of tension at work, people dreading going in and struggling through the day, rather than embracing the opportunity it brings, can be disastrous for the business and for the people feeling so overwhelmed and powerless.

To reduce and control these flash points of frustration, overwhelm, stress, poor productivity, absenteeism, and related issues we have designed and crafted specific training programs utilising Goal Setting, Immediate Stress Reduction, Communication Skills, Time Achievement, and other vital skills. This training is available in modular format and can be delivered online or in person.

Meet Our Experts

Padraig O'Connor

Business & Performance Coach

Padraig has helped hundreds of people transform their professional lives. With experience of many years in the Telecommunications and Software Development Sectors, fulfilling Senior Technical and Management Roles with large multinational companies responsible for the delivery of multimillion euro projects, his insights into how the realities of the modern workplace can create stress, miscommunication, and discord leading to many people not performing at their best is second to none.

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John Prendergast is an internationally recognised award-winning Therapist and Coach who specialises in reducing stress, anxiety, and overwhelm and in so doing helps increase productivity, wellbeing, and success.

Followed in over 100 countries and speaking internationally, John helps people from all walks of life from Army Officers, Business people, and Elite Sportspeople to Homemakers, Entrepreneurs, and Students. He delivers training to businesses and organisations as well as holding 1-1 clinics.

John lived decades of severe anxiety and depression in his own life before he found the help he needed to overcome those challenges. Now living a happier and more successful life John is driven to help others excel and enjoy life too.

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John Prendergast MA

Therapist and Mind Coach

Our Mission

We provide cutting edge psychologically enhanced skills, empowering people to reduce stress and excel in their personal and professional lives.



Our Vision

Workplaces where people thrive and excel. Places where people feel valued, contribute positively and develop their skills and abilities. Environments where people are connected and energised with their team and direction of the business.

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Watch the video below where John explains what is happening in our brains when we are stressed and under-achieving.